Your glasses are an important part of your vision care. It is important that your prescription be fabricated to provide clear, comfortable vision for all of your activities. It is also important for them to be attractive, durable, and fit comfortably.

To help us serve you, please inform us of all of your optical needs for work, sports, hobbies, safety, and sun protection. You may benefit from having more than one pair of glasses. All eye wear needs to be individually designed for how they are going to be used. The doctors work directly with our licensed opticians, Kasia and Cindy, to assure that the design of your glasses meets your visual needs. Should you experience any problems with your eye wear, please contact the office so we can work together to solve your problem. Obtaining your glasses at the same location as your examination makes this work much better.

All of our glasses are dispensed by appointment. This enables Kasia and Cindy to give this part of your care the appropriate attention. We are happy to adjust your glasses if they are bent, loose, or need repair. Please call ahead to arrange when this can be done so we can respect everyone’s time.

We have a wide variety of quality frames for you to choose from including the most popular designer frames. All of our frames and lenses are guaranteed and come in a price range to fit your budget. We also have frames for very young children and for children with special needs.

There have been many technological improvements in lenses and frames. Lenses can be thinner and lighter without compromising safety. They can protect against UV light. They can be digitally designed to increase your range of clear vision. They can reduce annoying glare and reflections. They can make computer use more comfortable and efficient. They can manage your sensitivity to light. We look forward to helping you in our Optical.