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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


What insurances are taken at our office?

Please see our Insurance page for all our accepted insurances.

Are copays and payments due at the time of service?

Yes, all payments are due at the time of the patients visit.

Do I need to bring all of my insurance information, including medical cards along with my vision coverage?

Yes, we require all current insurance information when you come into the office for the exam for optimum care.

Is it my responsibility to know what my insurance covers prior to the appointment?

According to the insurance industry, it is the insurance members responsibility to know what their coverage consists of prior to any doctors appointment.

Will the doctors office get the insurance coverage information prior to the appointment also?

Yes, as long as we have all of the correct member numbers and member information.

Am I responsible for getting the referral from my PCP, if my insurance is an HMO?

Yes. Any HMO plan is required to have the referral from the PCP by the patient prior to or by the day of the appointment.


How long is the appointment?

Normally, exam appointments last 1 hour unless special testing is included, then it can be longer. Pretesting adds 15 minutes. So, we ask a patient to come in 2:45 p, but will see doctor around 3. So always plan on 1 to 1.5 hours for exams. Also if you go to our optical to order glasses or contacts, then more time may be needed.

If I cancel my appointment, how soon do I need to call?

We would appreciate 24 hours notice unless it is an emergency situation. Appointments are set-up for the doctor so he can give the patient the most thorough exam and individual attention they might require.

Is there a postponement list if I wish to get in sooner than my appointed time?

Yes, we have a "Wait" list that we use to put patients on that would like or need to come in sooner than the appointed time they are scheduled.


What is the cost of a new patient exam?

A new patient exam is $165.00, an established patient is $145.00, a contact lens patient is charged extra for the measurement to fit a new or current contact lens prescription during their exam.