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  • Our children have been seeing Dr. Williams for the last 10 years. Several of our children have special needs and Dr. Williams, as well as the optical department, have gone out of their way to meet our children's needs. They even ordered a special line of glasses specifically designed to fit our children. Dr. Williams always explains our children's vision issues in great detail, making sure we understand exactly why he chooses the treatment he does. The optical department is very quick about fitting our children into their schedule when their glasses need adjusting or have been damaged in some way. We are very thankful for all the help we have received from Dr. Williams and his staff and we recommend them highly.

      — Lisa and Peter DeAngelis
  • I want to thank all of you for the care, support and expertise you have shown me throughout the treatment of my convergence insufficiency. You all went extra lengths to help improve my condition. I'm certainly a success story you can all be proud of. When I started therapy I could not even type the first sentence of this email. Now I'm able to use my eyes to perform many tasks I took for granted prior to the severity of my eye condition. I look forward to use my new eyesight to perform my life goals ahead of me. I'm very thankful to you all.

    Leland's Poem

      — Leland McClafferty